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Sunday, January 1st, 2012 12:29 am
areumdaunview: (ninomiya // after this level)
This week has been a total write-off. Goddamnit, Skyrim.

However! My New Year's resolutions this year are easy to keep, I think. It's pretty much the same as what I've been doing, more like things I want to maintain rather than things I want to start doing.

One of those things is to stop being so negative. To stop judging and comparing. But also to kick out the negative influences. I don't need to spend more time than I already do feeling down, or like I have to impress somebody, or worry that they judge me in the time we spend apart, or whatever else factors into this decision. I'm going to snip my flist some, edit the comms and journals down and see how we go. I'd like a fresh start, actually, which is part of the DW appeal. Still setting up over there and duh, new icons? The ultimate procrastination tool for me. I swear, I'll make some tonight while we're watching... some other shitty thing Dad picks.

Happy New Year, guys! Hope everyone has a good one. I now need to have another ten beers to get through another bad CGI flick.

Friends cut!

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 06:30 pm
areumdaunview: (ken & tetsu // friendship)
All riiight. Basically, I just cut people for the following reasons;

1) We don't talk, at all. Whether it's my fault or yours, I'm just not up for chasing people if I can't find enough common interest to do so.
2) I don't read your LJ, most likely because I don't know you well enough to understand and haven't had time/motive to change it. I'm sure you're all very nice, it's just... yeah. It either happens or it doesn't.
3) I would like a smaller flist so I can concentrate on the people I'm familiar with and adore, and adding people one-by-one as I get to know them instead of having a bunch of people I... don't know!
4) Oh yeah, or you've been inactive forever. If you pick up and start using it again, drop me a line!

If you think it was unfair or whatever, no worries. Poke me privately and we'll see about changing the above if you feel so inclined.