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Monday, May 31st, 2010 12:06 pm
areumdaunview: (robert plant // peace)
[personal profile] areumdaunview
Holy shit. Nobody warned me about the level of horrifying even the trailer of Earthlings was going to be, so I'm going to warn everybody else.

That was absolutely brutal. I feel disgusted to be a human being when I have to see the reality of what we do. We're an advanced species, we don't have to treat animals and nature like this. Even if you spin the "well, predators do it in the wild!" argument, they don't have the tools to make their prey suffer this much. They really don't.

I'm a meat-eater and that probably won't change, but animals should be killed as quickly as possible and treated humanely no matter what their purpose or lack of. Even the ones that can't scream, because you never fully grasp the fact that they suffer, too.

I won't be seeing this movie because I won't be able to stomach it, but I support the idea, anyway.
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